Snap working in association with...

You'll see some jobs on our website which state we are working in association with or a private client. They carry these logos: 



With these jobs, Snap doesn’t carry out the recruitment as we usually do. If you apply for one of these jobs (and your experience meets our client’s requirements), we’ll forward your CV for their consideration and they will continue the recruitment, including shortlisting and arranging interviews

By working with other companies and clients who wish to promote their position through Snap, we’re able to offer you a greater number of jobs, including jobs in more locations, more diverse roles and jobs requiring different skill sets and experience.

Job Details 
While we won’t know as much about each of these jobs as the ones we recruit for, our clients complete a detailed registration form to provide a comprehensive overview of the job requirements which we can then include in the advert for the Snap website.

Our Client 
Many of the positions you see advertised on our website, are with case manager companies we have worked with for many years. Private clients promoting their job through Snap may be known, or new to Snap. Each client registers with us providing their full contact details.

Case Management Companies
Please note, we work with several case management companies. If you found your current job via a case manager and you have not yet handed in your notice, please advise us; we could send your CV to the same company. 

Although we won’t be part of the recruitment, we ask you to let us know when you have an interview arranged, so we can keep track of your progress with jobs. 


Finding Snap Jobs

If you apply for a Snap job, we will do all the initial recruiting. You’ll easily see which are Snap jobs as they all have this logo.

For all our permanent jobs, Snap recruiters will have met the family / client face to face, so we’ll have in-depth knowledge of the job and client and can tell you all about the job.

We’ll carry out all the recruitment processes and support you, from your initial interview right through to arranging employer interviews and placement.

Don't forget, if we place you in a Snap job, we'll pay for your DBS and the first year of the Update Service!


Option 1 Bespoke Recruitment

Contact one of our friendly recruiters now to see how we can find you a fantastic Snap job! | 020 7729 2200