This month instead of a sponsored banner, Snap are promoting Give as You Live, a great scheme to raise money for your favourite charity, just by shopping. 


Snap have signed up and chosen the The Sohana Research Fund. This is a charity close to Snap's heart and last week was EB Awareness Week. (See article below).
Why not bid in our auction to have your company, product or organisation in this space next month? Our newsletter goes out to over 20,000 people - all with an interest in disability issues! All proceeds to the Sohana Research Fund.
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EB Awareness Week 

Raising much-needed funds via Give as You Live

October saw EB Awareness Week, which aims to help more people understand this condition. EB is a group of genetic skin conditions which cause the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch.Those born with EB have skin so fragile they are called 'butterfly children' – their skin is as fragile as the wing of a butterfly.

Sohana, and others like her with EB, are in pain every single day of their lives. 
To learn more about EB, please click here.

Give as you LiveSohana Research Fund Logo

Did you know you can raise much needed funds for your favourite charity - just by shopping! It doesn't cost a penny, in fact you can access some great bargains. No credit card details are required, just sign up and start shopping! 

Sohana promoting the
#EB TongueTwister on Twitter

Sohana Collins
Snap have chosen the Sohana Research Fund as our Give as you Live charity. We have known Sohana and her family for many years. Sohana has the debilitating skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). 

Sohana Research Fund has made great strides in its work for treatments and ultimately a cure for this terrible condition, but more work is needed. 

Please think about shopping via this link to help children like Sohanna, thank you


A Preston Mum has set up an online resource to aid people who come into contact with disabilities. is a website that enables people of all ages who come into contact with disabilities, either personally or professionally, to experience a mutual support network.

Users of Skiggle can provide each other with practical help and assistance, share experiences and find solutions to difficulties.

The website has an SOS solution system for care-based essentials, which means that fully registered users can request immediate assistance from other users in unforeseen circumstances.

There is also a marketplace feature, in which users can buy, sell and find for free a range of items that can help aid some disabilities

The site is currently live and has over 200 registered users.

Click here for more info & see founder and mum, Christine discuss Skiggle in the Youtube clip below. 

Founder Christine discusses Skiggle

Congratulations Kathy!


We are delighted to announce that Kathy Frost, who was successfully placed by Snap in the month of October, has won our monthly prize draw of a £50.00 gift voucher for M&S!

If you are placed by Snap and would like to have the chance of winning a £50.00 gift voucher for either M&S or Amazon, simply send an email when you have started the job with your new employer's name - then your name will go into the hat that month!

The lucky winner will be drawn on the last Friday of each month.

Milestones MatterGiulia Pintus

Individualised Interventions: Case Study 3

Giulia Pintus founded Milestones Matter to help families with children presenting with developmental delay in the early years and to help families experiencing emotional and psychological challenges in the parent-child relationships. The interventions have also been successfully adapted to address the needs of older children up to 18.
Giulia creates individualised interventions to support not just the child or young person, but the whole family at a time when effective help is needed to cope with and overcome a difficult situation.  Giulia presents a case study below.

Case Study 3

‘A’ Family. Father, 46, Mother, 42, 3 daughters (twins age 6, older sister age 14) one son (age 5).
Areas of Concerns: Developmental Delay, Autistic spectrum, challenging behaviours, conflictual family dynamics.
Presentation:  Mrs and Mr ‘A’ got in touch with me as their son, James, was diagnosed with developmental delay and autism. There were no concerns regarding the 3 daughters in terms of diagnosis, however the parents were concerned about the struggles between siblings and in the parent-children dynamics.
The family had previous consultations with different professionals in the last year and tried different types of support, none of which seemed to have made any difference. In their view one of the main reasons the support had not worked, was due to the severe challenging / socially inappropriate behaviour presented by the son.
The parents made me aware that they were in crisis due to the constant need for high supervision for their son; to keep him safe while also keep others in his proximity (including their daughters) safe. This put huge pressure on the whole family as the girls felt more and more resentful toward their brother for taking most of the parents’ time and attention.


For more information on Milestone Services, email:

A Guide to Moving & Handling


What is a moving & handling plan and why do I or my client need one? Who do I approach to complete a moving & handling assessment? Where to source equipment and what to purchase?

These are all commonly asked questions when a client requires some assistance in movement. From the client’s who simply need some gentle physical reassurance through to clients requiring complex moving & handling plans involving carers training and multiple transfers, this guide aims to provide some practical answers and guidance in the filed of moving & handling

>> Read More

Chance to Dance

We like to help promote smaller organisations who we have heard do a great job! Chance to Dance was recommended to Snap. Chance to Dance

Based in Reading, dance classes are held for children and adults of all abilities. 


Chance to Dance is able to offer their services with the help of a team of volunteers. If you are dance and / or SEN trained there are volunteering opportunities. 

>>

Chris Packham

Asperger's and Me

For most of his life, broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham didn't tell anyone about the one thing that in many ways has defined his entire existence. Chris is autistic - he has Asperger's Syndrome, which means he struggles in social situations, has difficulty with human relationships and is, by his own admission, 'a little bit weird'. But what if there was a way of taking away these autistic traits? Would Chris ever choose to be 'normal'?

A wonderful, honest and deeply touching programme by the rather fabulous Chris Packham...

Sensory Spectacle Column:

Sensory Challenges in Children's Daily Routine

We all have days where we notice our sensations more. When you’re tired do you find busy and noisy environments too difficult? Or maybe you notice someone has put on a more aftershave than usual and it’s a little overpowering, enough so that it seems to linger around you all day!
We can’t forget that everyone has sensory tolerances which is what these are and these will fluctuate with our moods. We all like and dislike different things, that why sensory processing makes us who we are.
For people with SPD it can also heighten their experiences therefore greatly impacting daily routines. Let’s think about brushing our teeth. This is an activity we all probably do twice a day. Now for some children with SPD it can be a really difficult thing to do. Brushing our teeth is noisy, feels funny in our mouth, creates loads of feeling in our mouths, involves some rigorous movement and usually includes a paste that is flavoured. Any or many of these things could make it difficult for children to brush their teeth.

>> Read the rest of the article here...

Nannytax | Staff Tax Column:
Employing From Outside the UK

All UK employers are required by law to make basic checks on every person they intend to employ. This is to establish that they have a right to work in the UK and are here legally.
These checks must be carried out on all potential employees whether or not you think they have a right to work in the UK by making assumptions based on their appearance or accent.
You must see original documents, confirm that they are valid, and keep a copy of the documents along with a record of the date the checks were made.
Civil penalties can be imposed on employers who have carelessly employed illegal workers, and knowingly employing somebody who does not have the right to work in the UK carries a penalty of up to two years in prison and / or an unlimited fine.
The EU and Beyond
Until Brexit is completed all citizens from within the European Economic Area have the right to live and work in the UK. The government has confirmed that the rights of EU citizens currently living and working in the UK will be protected after Brexit.
If you are considering employing somebody from outside of the European Economic Area you can check on the government website whether they need a visa to live and work in the UK.

Snap Out & About: 
Children's Trust Transition Fair

Kamila and I were thrilled to attend The Children’s Trust Transition Fair ‘Embracing Adulthood’ on Thursday 12th October 2017.

This was a fantastic informative morning spent with parents as they begin to consider the next steps following their time at The Children’s Trust. We heard some uplifting transition stories from Jenny Sykes who has been with The Children’s Trust for many years. It was also great meeting other exhibitors who also provide on-going support for transitional care.
There are lots of options available to parents whether this be in a home setting or a residential home.

The key message to take away, be prepared and begin enquiring as early as you can.

We were also lucky enough to spend some time in Jo’s Café with some of the children and yes we did treat ourselves to a cake… or two!!  

Rachael from Snap

Martyn Sibley Blog: For the Billion Snap likes this blog

The Billion People Problem

Did you know there’s approximately 13 million disabled people in the UK? Furthermore that there is an estimated 1 billion disabled people in the world?!

Having a happy life with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, needing a wheelchair, and relying on carers mostly hinges on societal barriers.

  1. When a pub has steps, I’m disabled. When there’s wheelchair access, I’m Martyn.
  • When the bus driver can’t be bothered to help get the ramp for me, I’m disabled. When they assist me with the ramp, I’m Martyn.
  • When a prospective employer sees my wheelchair, and not my talent. Yep you guessed it, I’m disabled. When they remove any barriers from the interview process, I’m Martyn.

Court of Protection DeputyshipHyphen Law
Property Matters!

Kelly Knight, is a solicitor at Hyphen Law, a specialist law firm advising clients and their representatives on all issues relating to the management of their property and affairs through the Court of Protection or a Personal Injury Trust. 

Kelly Knight Hyphen LawThe purchase of a property can be one of the biggest and most stressful experiences of our lifetime. For a Court of Protection Deputy purchasing property often has an added layer of complexity particularly if the property needs to accommodate an individual with a physical disability whose needs may change over time.

Buying may not always be the right option. If the available funds arise solely from a personal injury compensation award and they are held by a Deputy under an order of the Court of Protection they are disregarded when calculating any entitlement to means tested benefits. This means that for some renting may be a better option.  Meeting rent and Council Tax from benefits will mean that the compensation award can be preserved to meet other needs such as care, equipment or therapy. A Deputy should always consider the rental option and take specialist financial advise.

If a purchase is the better option the Deputy needs to ensure that their Court order allows them to purchase property and whether there is any restriction on the amount that can be spent on both the purchase and any adaptations. In some cases an application to the Court may be needed and this can take many months.

The Deputy must also consider whether the person they are purchasing the property for is able to contribute to any of the decisions that will be needed and their wishes and feelings must be taken into account. Any decisions that the individual is unable to make will fall to the Deputy but they will also need to consult with others before final decisions are made.

Property in need of adaptation will require the advice and project management of an architect experienced in disability related work.  Treating therapists and other experts may also have a role to play. Whether the property requires major or minor adaptations it is important that the Deputy obtains good advice at the outset to ensure that what is proposed is feasible and remains within budget and this involves a multi team approach.

Those who have an ongoing personal injury claim will also need to consider the options at an early stage in order to ensure that the there are sufficient funds to provide accommodation in the future. At the current time, with the recent changes in the discount rate, the position remains quite uncertain in relation to the future of accommodation claims.

It is therefore really important that all options are considered from the outset and specialist advice is taken at an early stage to ensure that the correct decision is made as to whether to rent or buy.
To find out more visit or call Kelly or another member of the legal team for a no obligation discussion on ( 01983) 213529 or email

To find out more visit or call Kelly or another member of the legal team for a no obligation discussion on (01983) 213529 or email

YouTube Clip

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour
Autism Hour. It's a start...
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