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04/07/2017 - Stop Press! She did it! Well done Chris!











We take our hats off to Chris, her support for Cerebra is amazing, you can read more about her Wing Walking endeavours below and here.

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Hyphen Law Column: The Discount Rate 

Hyphen Law
The discount rate is used to calculate lump sum compensation awards for those who have experienced life-changing injuries.

The discount rate adjusts the value of the compensation awarded, to take account of the gains which will be made from investing it in advance of it being spent over the course of the recipient’s lifetime.

In February 2017, the government announced that with effect from the 20th March 2017 the discount rate would reduce from 2.5% to minus 0.75%.  When the rate was last set 15 years ago by the then Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, it was considered acceptable by many (although by no means everyone). However, fast forward several years’, with the financial crash of 2008 and index-linked government securities (ILGS) hovering around zero, those in receipt of compensation were no longer receiving high interest payments on their invested awards.

This meant that many claimants were now under-compensated and facing the possibility of running out of money for the essential care and support they would need in the future.  The recent change in the discount rate will result in an increase in the value of new awards that Defendant insurers will be required to pay. However, it has created further challenges in other areas such as to the calculation of that part of the award which deals with accommodation costs so it is not all good news for claimants.

It would appear that many insurers are proposing to pass on the additional compensation costs of to their policy holders through increased insurance premiums but the discount rate remains under review and pending that review it seems likely that further battles and challenges lay ahead.

The change in the discount rate and the uncertainty regarding any future changes will impact on both claimant and defendant personal injury lawyers, insurers and it seems policy holders.  In light of this it is important that both lay and professional Court of Protection deputies and trustees of personal injury trusts consider the impact that this will have on the management of the funds for which they are responsible.

In cases where there is ongoing litigation, deputies and trustees will need to exercise caution in the expenditure of the funds available to them taking account of what may now be available when the final compensation claim is made.  Given that the discount rate position remains uncertain, deputies and trustees should not be budgeting and spending on the basis that the discount rate will remain as it is.  Until such time as a claim is settled there is no certainty about the level of funds that will be received.

In those cases, where the compensation award has already been made and includes periodical payments, deputies or trustees should ensure that the payments they receive have been correctly calculated.  Some periodical payment awards are linked to the discount rate and additional payments may now be due.  The terms of the final settlement order should be reviewed and if necessary specialist advice should be taken.

If you would like more advice on how the discount rate may impact on deputies and trustees, the duties placed upon them or any aspect of Court of Protection deputyship services or personal injury trusts, please contact Kelly Knight at Hyphen Law on 0845 160 2504 or email: for a no obligation initial discussion.

Chris Bunting from Hypen Law:
Wing Walking for Cerebra!
Wing Walking


On the afternoon of the 4 August 2017, I will be climbing onto the wing of a 1940’s Boeing Stearman biplane so that a member of the famous Breitling Wing Walking team can fly me across the Gloucestershire countryside whilst I Wing Walk to raise money for the wonderful charity CEREBRA.

If you think I have a love of heights I can assure you that it is the exact opposite and the whole experience is likely to be truly terrifying so please help to make it worthwhile by giving what you can or by spreading the word.  If you can help get me beyond my £5K target I will ask my pilot to make it especially challenging with a low swoop and climb and perhaps more!!! 

All of your donations will go to the charity as I am funding the Wing Walk.
You can learn more about Cerebra here 

We really appreciate whatever support you can give. Please click here.  Chris 

Encephalitis: My Brain and Me encephalitis Society

(Sally from Snap was sadly unable to attend to attend and report on this event, so the Encephalitis Society have kindly sent a write up of the day). 

A devastating brain condition came under the microscope for the second year in a row at the Royal Society of Medicine in London at the beginning of July (July 7).
Encephalitis: My Brain and Me, organised by the Encephalitis Society, welcomed more than 100 patients, family members and professionals who listened to several experts speak on a wide range of topics surrounding the condition (an inflammation of the brain).

Talks focused on everything from practical strategies for someone after encephalitis, through to behavioural and sleep issues and the causes and diagnosis of both infectious and autoimmune encephalitis.My Brain & Me

There was also a chance to hear from the survivors themselves with Sarah Galloway speaking about her harrowing experiences with anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis and also from her mum, Heather, whose career as a GP offered an interesting insight into how family members cope when a loved one falls ill.

Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive of the Encephalitis Society, said: “We wanted to create an event where patients and professionals could learn more about encephalitis and in an environment where they can talk informally afterwards.

“From the feedback we have had so far, there is no doubt it has been a big success with our supporters and the professional who attended. We are already busy making plans for next year’s event!”

>> Read More: Encephalitis Society


Can you help?

Encephalitis Family Weekend

Support Workers Wanted!

Snap were delighted to be able to support the Encephalitis Society Family Weekend this year by offering to find support workers to assist on this fantastic weekend. 

The event makes a massive difference to the lives of families who have often been devastated by this condition and the weekend provides a positive experience.  

We have had a good response but still need a couple more support workers! So if you have experience supporting children with disabilities, are free on August Bank holiday weekend and would like to make a real difference, take a look! 

This is a paid position, but you will need to make your own way to the wonderful Bendrigg Trust in Cumbria

>> Read more and Apply here


Take a look at the video below to see details of a previous weekend:

The Encephalitis Family Weekend 2015 - would you like to be part of this years special weekend? 

Sensory Spectacle Column:

How can you identify sensory processing difficulties?

I founded Sensory Spectacle in 2014 while working in a short breaks service in West London. I quickly recognised that many of the young people I supported responded to their environment in a primarily sensory way and some seemed sensitive to certain stimuli throughout their day.

When taking the children on holiday and day trips it would be common to have members of the public ask me why a child was doing something or if I could stop them from doing something.

I began creating experiential learning environments to help people experience for themselves how it might feel to have a SPD and therefore gain empathy on how we might like to be supported.

For the next 4 monthly issues in Snap News, I will be writing about sensory processing disorder and how we can recognise characteristics to it so we can support how our children develop and engage with their surroundings.

I will be sharing a series of articles with you exploring our senses, what sensory processing disorder is and how it impacts many people with additional needs and often is missed and supported as behaviours. It is important we are able to recognise how SPD impacts people’s lives so we are able to put support strategies in places to ensure appropriate development.

Becky Lyddon

How can you identify sensory processing difficulties in children with additional needs.

A sensory processing disorder (SPD) impacts 1 in 20 children, not necessarily with any other diagnosis, so that could be at least one child in a classroom, or one person on the bus with you. However it is also commonly link with Autism spectrum conditions, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Epilepsy and many more diagnosis’.

SPD impacts the way a child learns and engages with their environment because of how the brain interprets the sensory messages it receives from the senses. It is important that as parents, carers and professionals that we understand what SPD is and how we can identify characteristics relating to it. As you learn about SPD you will realise how much your child is already communicating with you about their sensations.

Some characteristics which you might notice are covering ears – being sensitive to sounds, loving reflections or things that spin – seeking more visual information, a need to move, climb, bounce, jump regularly – seeking vestibular and proprioceptive information and eating bland foods - hyper sensitive to smells.

>> Read the rest of the article here...

Becky Lyddon

Disabled Living Newsletter

Some interesting and helpful articles in this month's Disabled Living newsletter, including an offer of free incontinence products for children and Film making opportunities for young people with disabilities:

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Making Summer Accessible for All

Summer is here (I think)Summer

It’s summer time (apparently) but let’s not get into the weather chat because there’s more important things to focus on such as the summer holidays.

Having two boys with very different needs, the summer holidays for us takes; project management skills, negotiation skills, computer skills for thorough researching of activities and areas as well as a lot of humor, patience, persistence and of course communication skills.

>> Asking her son what he enjoys as activities in the summer holidays, 
here’s what they came up with...

Nannytax | Staff Tax Column:Its the law
Payroll Basics For Domestic Employers

As a domestic employer you may not be very au fait with payroll and if you use a payroll company you don’t have to be, but here are a few basic essentials that all employers should be aware of.

Payroll and The Law
Obviously there are laws around paying your employee and we wouldn’t want you to end up on the wrong side of the law through lack of information. Your legal obligations are:
  • To administer PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax on your employee’s salary as well as both employee’s and employer’s National Insurance contributions.
  • To provide your employee with a payslip every time you pay them.
  • To pay at least the National Minimum Wage, unless your employee lives in your home as part of your family.
  • To pay tax on Benefits in Kind – i.e. gifts to your employee or ‘perks’ such as bonuses, a car or accommodation.
Important Advice
Besides the law, there are a few things you should know to make your life easier as an employer:

The net salary is what your employee receives in their hand / bank account; the gross salary incorporates tax and employee National Insurance contributions; you will also have to pay Employer’s National Insurance contributions on top of the gross salary. It is a good idea to make sure you know your total costs before you commit yourself.

Always agree a gross salary. This protects your costs in case your employee owes extra money to HMRC – for example, student loan repayments, previous unpaid tax or court-ordered child maintenance.

Snap out & About:
Bush & Co Conference Yvonne at the Bush & Co conference

5th July 2017 - Back in the Game

Yvonne and Sally from Snap had a marvellous time at the Bush and Co conference.

Excellent speakers, great to catch up with lots of case managers and a fun Gala Dinner which raised over £2,000 for the Paul Bush Foundation Trust 
Bush and Co Conference

All Ability Cycling

Inclusive cycling

Now the summer is (supposedly!) here, why not get out and try cycling?

We came across these two great opportunities in London, (Thanks Amanda Bairstow!)


At Bikeworks we believe that cycling should be accessible and possible for everyone, regardless of age, disability or experience. To enable this we run All Ability Cycling Clubs.

The clubs are open to all and have a range of adapted cycles including tandem tricycles, side-by-side and platform tricycles. We run three different clubs, so there is provision across London four days a week.

>>Read More


Wheels for Well-beingWheels for Wellbeing

We run drop-in inclusive cycling sessions for disabled people and their families, carers or friends, from three bases in south London. Our qualified instructors, supported by fantastic volunteers, help participants try our cycles or get comfortable on the one that suits them, and offer ongoing support. Relatives, friends and carers are welcome to join the fun.

>> Read more

Readers, if you know of similar opportunities outside London that you'd like us to share in Snap News, please do let us know!

YouTube Clips
A couple of favourite clips from July

H.A.V.E. || Coffee with Belinda Downes
H.A.V.E. | Coffee with Belinda Downes
World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 | Thank You London!
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