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Snap News: News in January 2017!

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We are delighted to have our friends at icandance back sponsoring this month's newsletter.  A fabulous London-based charity that provides dance & performance opportunities to children with disabilities.

We hope you have all had a great start to 2017, it's been another busy month at Snap!

The Snap team


Paralympian Forced to Wet Herself

The Need for Accessible Toilets

On the 2nd January the Guardian wrote an article highlighting the undignified experience Paralympic athlete and disability campaigner Anne Wafula Strike was forced to endure on a train journey. The accessible toilet was out of order and unable to use an able-bodied toilet, so was forced to wet herself. Paralympian forced to wet herself

It was so brave to be featured in an article so publicly in what must have been a deeply humiliating experience. The story was picked up on social media and articles like this will surely help raise this important issue. and highlight the marvellous work campaigns such as Changing Places are doing.

In the UK in 2017, having proper access to a public toilet is every citizen's right, not a privilege.

> Read the full article here...

Jamie & Lion

Snap likes this blogWe first featured Jamie Knight in our June 2016 Snap News after hearing him speak at a National Autistic Society Conference.  His Blog Jamie & Lion has since become a firm favourite for the Snap Team!

Jamie loves all things technical, he’s a senior developer for the BBC, speaker, mountain biker and is never seen far from his lush sidekick Lion.

Click below for links to the blog and Jamie's Twitter page

Jamie's Blog
Jamie's Twitter

World Encephalitis Day 

Can you spare a few minutes to help us spread the word about encephalitis?

Encephalitis devastates lives across the globe each year, leaving hundreds of thousands of survivors and family members coping with hidden disabilities and the loss of loved ones…yet no-one has ever heard of it until it strikes their family.  World Encephalitis Day aims to change that.
I am looking for help with World Encephalitis Day on February 22nd. We have three key areas where you can help - our Illuminating Encephalitis project, #RED4WED and our Thunderclap social media campaign.
Could you spare a few minutes of your time to consider helping us to educate people across the globe about encephalitis?
Thank you,
Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive of The Encephalitis Society  

Here's How You can Help:Can you help?

Illuminating Encephalitis

Do you want to shine a light on encephalitis in the area where you live? Then this is the project for you! Help us light up landmarks and buildings in the colour REDFind out more.

We are passionate about raising awareness of encephalitis... which is why we chose the colour of passion - RED - as our colour for World Encephalitis Day. We will be wearing red on February 22nd - will you?
Learn more

A few clicks is all it takes to sign up to our Thunderclap social media campaign. By doing so, you can help us to reach MILLIONS of people on February 22 through Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
Snap are proud to support World Encephalitis Day, helping to raise awareness of this devastating condition.
Thank you, if you are also able to give your support.  

Encephalitis affects more people annually than certain types of meningitis and motor neurone disease (or ALS in the U.S.A.) and yet remains less well known.
Those who survive are often left with an acquired brain injury, the consequence of which means a return to work or education can be difficult.

Encephalitis can affect abilities such as concentration, attention, thinking, memory, judgement and inhibition, while leaving a legacy of additional challenges such as epilepsy or fatigue.

Dr Ava Easton, Chief Executive of The Encephalitis Society, said: “Imagine going to sleep one night and waking up the next day a completely different person - this is essentially what it can be like for survivors of encephalitis.

“The acquired brain injury brought about by encephalitis is very much a ‘hidden disability.’ A person you know may look exactly the same, but inside it can be a different matter. And it is not just the survivor who is affected, encephalitis and its consequences also has an impact on their families, friends, work colleagues or even school friends.
“Encephalitis has a widespread and long-lasting impact which is why our aim is to make as many people as possible aware of the condition and the devastation it can leave in its wake.”

For more information, visit

NHS to Provide Sports Prosthesis

With all the negative stories surrounding the state of our poor NHS, it was heartening to read at least one good news story early in the month.Next generation receive sports prosthetics

A £1.5 million fund has been created by the Department of Health that has been split to fund requests for prostheses and investment in a Child Prostheses Research Collaboration.

Ben, 13, from Brighton, has just been fitted for his new running blade and has enjoyed using his new blade to play football and run.

Ben’s mother, Kate Moore, said:
We’re really pleased Ben has been fitted with a new running blade. After watching the success of Team GB last year, this blade means Ben can develop his interest in sport and could become part of the next generation of Team GB. We hope more children and young people like Benjamin will be able to benefit too.
Quote from GOV.UK

More Information:

English Federation of Disability Sport


Click:  Disability Tech

A team of reporters with disabilities take on the latest assistive tech, including 3D-printed legs, driverless cars and goggles to improve vision.


#Snap Hot Twitter Topics This Month!


At Scope, stories are central to everything they do. For #NationalStorytellingWeek they're taking the opportunity to celebrate authentic stories and calling on publishers and authors to improve the representation of disability in literature.

Scope kicked off the week with a comic book workshop with Dan White, creator of Department of Ability.


Head to Scope's Facebook Page to get involved! 

The Insider Intelligence Series - On The Autism Spectrum 

Two new titles from Jessica Kingsley Publishers in the Insider Intelligence series that offer an invaluable insight into the perspectives and experiences of people on the autism spectrum.

Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum 

Autism doesn't have to hold you back. In this empowering book, 28 authors with autism share how they overcame obstacles to enjoy life to the full, via transformative moments, newfound passions and downright determination. The inspiring message is that in spite of challenges and hardships, autism can accompany, or even galvanise, life's best bits.

Love, Partnership, or Singleton on the Autism Spectrum

Providing an immensely personal perspective on relationships on the autism spectrum, 26 contributors share what they have learned so far. With a diverse range of viewpoints, this is an intimate report on how people have made relationships work, how they have failed and how they have chosen to be on their own.

Would You Like to Review One of These Books?

Our friends at Jessica Kingsley Publishers have kindly sent us copies of each of these books for two Snap News readers to review!  Please contact us if you would like your name to be added to the draw, be sure to tell us which book you are interested in!

YouTube Clips

Here's a couple of our favourite videos from January!

#NoLimitz: Ruby's Story
#NoLimitz: Ruby's Story | Whizz Kids
Beauty Is an Inside Job | Dawn Shaw | TEDxSnoIsleLibraries
Fabulous TEDx talk: Beauty Is an Inside Job Dawn Shaw
Tell Us About Your Favourite Clips!

Have something to share?

If you have a favourite video clip, app, website or book, why not send us the details so we can share with everyone through Snap News. We would also love to hear about new technology and equipment, activities and resources that you particularly like. 

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