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This months news kindly sponsored by: Virtual Administration (Who Sally had the pleasure of meeting at the BABICM conference!)
Virtual Administration
Virtual Administration specialise in supporting Independent Therapists and Brain Injury Case Managers with their day to day business administration.  Our services included report typing, report formatting and proof reading, creating templates, invoicing, contracts, terms and conditions and the new GDPR data protection.

We are delighted to introduce Hyphen Law, Nannytax/Staff Tax and Sensory Spectacle who are writing regular columns for our newsletter. We hope our readers find their articles as interesting as we do!

The Snap team


Hyphen Law Column 

Deputyship Matters:
Pension Auto-enrolment
One of the most challenging aspects of acting as a Court of Protection deputy looking after a persons’ property and financial affairs can be taking on the role of employer when support or care workers are needed.

A recent change in the law has seen the government place an obligation upon employers to make pension provision for their employees.

Auto-enrolment is the biggest change to the UK pension system in more than 60 years and applies to every employer, no matter how large or small - even if there is just one employee - and regardless of the type of work.  The changes are being phased in over the next couple of years but the rules are complex and potentially onerous due to their set up requirements and the ongoing obligations they impose.
The new law means that a Court of Protection property and affairs deputy, as an employer, must automatically enroll support or care workers into a workplace pension scheme if they:
  • Are between 22 years and the State Pension age
  • Earn more than £10,000 a year
  • Work in the UK
However, just because someone qualifies doesn’t mean that they have to be part of the pension scheme.  If a worker doesn’t want to join the pension scheme, they can choose to formally opt out.

Deputy duties
The deputy's duty continues beyond the initial enrolment process because employees that may not have qualified for auto-enrolment the first time, may qualify at a later date, if there are changes to the gross earnings threshold or the employee’s personal circumstances. 

In addition, every three years the deputy will have to re-enrol any qualifying employee who is still working for them who has previously opted out.
If the deputy does not directly employ support or care workers but uses agency staff, the deputy will need to make sure that the agency has complied with auto-enrolment requirements.  If they haven’t, the deputy may be required to do so.

Deputies are legally obliged to submit information to The Pensions Regulator to show how they have complied with all auto-enrolment requirements. However, it is not just deputies that need to be aware of the implications of auto-enrolment.  Anyone acting in the role of an employer needs to make sure that they have complied with these obligations..

For more information on auto-enrolment or any aspect of Court of Protection deputyship services, please call Kelly Knight at Hyphen Law on 0845 160 2504 or email: Law

National Paediatric Brain Injury Conference 

Jade & Jackie from Snap were thrilled to attend The Children’s Trust’s first national paediatric brain injury conference, ‘Through the looking glass: rehabilitation after brain injury for children and young people’.  Sponsored by Irwin Mitchell, the conference took place at BMA House, London, and brought together leading paediatric neurology specialists to discuss childhood brain injury, including:

  • A multidisciplinary team approach to 24 hour rehabilitation
  • ‘SPECS’ - seeing brain injury clearly
  • A personalised neuropsychiatric approach to paediatric acquired brain injury
  • Childhood strokes
  • Memory problems following an injury
  • Disorders of consciousness and the ethical dilemmas they present
Children'S Trust Conference

More Conferences!

June was a super busy month for conferences, Jackie and Jade attending the Children’s Trust, Sally and Yvonne the BABICM conference and Sally the Childcare Expo in Manchester!

BABICM Conference

The BABICM conference in Birmingham on the 14th June, sponsored by Sintons Law, was an excellent conference with some excellent speakers including a fascinating one highlighted the health benefits of magic from Breathe AHR!

The conference focused on all aspects affecting brain injured clients, from children & young people to adults, from birth to death. 
Here’s Yvonne picking the lucky champagne winner - Julie West from Central Case Management!

Yvonne selects the lucky champagne

Childcare Expo, Manchester

The next conference was in Manchester for the Childcare Expo. It was great to speak to so many great childcare professionals who are dedicated enough to their profession to give up a Saturday!

The next conference was in Manchester for the Childcare Expo. It was great to speak to so many great childcare professionals who are dedicated enough to their profession to give up a Saturday!

Childcare Expo Manchester


Blog: On Track, Parallel London

Samantha Renke

Snap likes this blog
Last year was the first Parallel London - a fully-inclusive (and free!) sporting event held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

It was an absolutely fantastic day and we'll certainly be attending again this year. The day highlighted just how effective sport can be to bring people of all abilities together - and have a wonderful day! 

Parallel London's ambassador Samantha Renke has written an excellent blog describing her relationship with sport and just how positive an influence Parallel London has brought.

" If truth be told I’m really not into sports, unless you count clothes shopping and wine tasting as sporting activities?"


Parallel London - Sunday 3rd September at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 

Sensory Spectacle Column

I founded Sensory Spectacle in 2014 while working in a shortbreaks service in west London. I quickly recognised that many of the young people I support responded to their environment in a primarily sensory way and some seemed sensitive to certain stimuli throughout their day.

When taking the children on holiday and day trips it would be common to have members of the public ask me why a child was doing something or if I could stop them from doing something.

I began creating experiential learning environments to help people experience for themselves how it might feel to have a SPD and therefore gain empathy on how we might like to be supported.

I will be sharing a series of articles with you exploring our senses, what sensory processing disorder is and how it impacts many people with additional needs and often is missed and supported as behaviours. It is important we are able to recognise how SPD impacts people’s lives so we are able to put support strategies in places to ensure appropriate development.

For the next 3 monthly issues I will be writing about sensory processing disorder and how we can recognise characteristics to it so we can support how our children develop and engage with their surroundings.

Becky Lyddon

Nannytax | Stafftax Column:Tax Free
Tax-Free Childcare 

Tax-Free Childcare is a new government scheme to help working parents with the cost of childcare.

With Tax-Free Childcare, families can open an online Childcare Account for each child to help with their childcare costs. For every £8 they pay into a Childcare Account, the government will automatically pay in an extra £2, up to a maximum government contribution of £500 per child every three months, or £1,000 every three months for disabled children. This money must be used to pay for childcare and can be used to pay a nanny.

What are the criteria for eligibility?
•    Both parents must be employed, or the single
•    parent in single-parent families.
•    Parents must each earn at least £115 a week and
•    not more than £100,000 each per year.
•    Children must be aged under 12, or under 17 for
•    disabled children.
•    Nannies must be registered with Ofsted.
•    Nannies must be signed up to Tax-Free Childcare.


Snap TV Alert!

A welcome return to the wonderful Autistic Gardener, Alan Gardner!
Alan Gardner

#Snap Hot Twitter Topics This Month!


The Launch of the DCP's #secretlifeofus Campaign

The Secret Life of Us campaign – which has been developed in close partnership with parents – brings to life the realities of the challenges disabled children, young people and their families face in living a life many of us take for granted. It reveals the parts of their lives that most people simply do not see.

Yoga For The Special Child 

The MahaDevi Yoga Centre is a small yoga studio in North London working with families with children with special needs. It was set up by Denisa Nenova, an inspiring and wonderful yoga therapist, who parents love almost as much as the little yogis do! All the therapists use the Sonia Sumar method, an internationally recognised method developed over 45 years by Sonia, herself a mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy.

The children are seen individually so that they can build confidence and trust in the therapist. Yoga works on the whole body incorporating breathing, the voice, physical poses and relaxation. The effects can be far reaching, from the more physical to increased confidence, emotional stability and improved body awareness.
Max's Mum recently said 'My son Max has been attending Yoga with Denica and her team for over a year now, and it has been an incredible experience for him. Although not so keen to try it at first, Denicas warm heart and encouragement built an incredible connection with him, and he now loves his weekly session.

The Yoga itself has helped him become more focused, able to concentrate - the change from his first lesson to now is incredible. Others have also noted on his new found calmness. The Yoga has helped him master the breathing techniques to help calm him when stressed, to building his core strength and improving his over physical abilities.

The Yoga has not only built his physical strength, but also his confidence within himself. We can’t thank Denica and her team enough for all they have done for him"
The centre also work with children with palliative care needs at  Haven House hospice  and offer inclusive yoga classes to children where possible
Everyone at the Centre has been overwhelmed by the reaction to the BBC3 video which has now been seen by over 10 million people!
For more information please do contact us at

YouTube Clips
A couple of favourite clips from Month***!

Mandy Harvey: Deaf Singer Earns Simon's Golden Buzzer With Original Song - America's Got Talent 2017
The Secret Life of Toby #SecretLifeofUS
Toby loves playing outside and racing around with his friends. Toby started wheelchair racing when he was 7 and he’s never looked back. He also takes part in triathlons, basketball and wheelchair BMX all over the country.
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