The Care Team Package

The Snap Care Team Package provides a cost-effective way when recruiting for multiple placements


How does it work?

We’ll recruit a Team Leader through our Fully-Inclusive Recruitment Service

You recruit additional team members through the Snap Shortlist Option - with the assistance of the Team Leader, saving case manager time and client’s costs.

Features of the Care Team Package:

  • The Shortlist option for the price of the Snap Job Advert option, saving 50%
  • A 6 month guarantee on all placements
  • The use of our London office for candidate interviews by arrangement
  • If required, a Bank Worker advert can also be run for free through the Shortlist option.


Example: Costs for 5 positions, plus a Bank Worker, based on 24/7 Care package

Snap Care Team Package

Agency Cost

Number required


Team Leader




Support Workers




Bank Worker






Total Costs:


The Snap Care Team Package is available when a Team Leader is recruited through our fully-inclusive recruitment service, and in total, 5 or more vacancies are being recruited for in the same recruitment campaign, for the same client. All fees subject to VAT.

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