What is… A Care Team Leader?

Text: What is a Care Team Leader

We take a more in-depth look at the different roles Snap Care recruits for, starting with a Care Team Leader.

A Care Team Leader

A Care Team Leader provides hands-on care and support for the client and their family and coordinates the care team. Using a holistic approach, they liaise with professionals such as a case manager, school staff and community therapy teams to ensure continuity in social, education and therapy goals.

A Care Team Leader can be appointed for both paediatric and adult clients who require high-level support.

The typical duties of a Care Team Leader are listed below. Parents or family members may already be carrying out these tasks and it can be a gradual process for someone else to take on these responsibilities once trust and confidence have been established.  


  • Hands-on care, supporting the client with their daily routines, encouraging independence in all areas
  • Supervise the care team, manage rotas and co-ordinate/conduct training based on learning needs
  • Conduct Induction Training with new starters
  • Ensure outcomes of appointments are shared with the team and implemented in daily care routines
  • Develop Care Plans that outline the care and support needed, update annually or sooner if care needs change
  • Write and update Risk Assessments in collaboration with Case Manager.
  • Ensure Risk Assessments are in place for all equipment used by Care Team.
  • Complete/collate timesheets and communicate with payroll team
  • Organise equipment reviews and book maintenance and servicing for all medical devices

Additional/optional responsibilities (depending on the client and family requirements):

  • Communicating with therapists, specialists, and consultants and co-ordinating and attending appointments, effectively documenting all communication and appointment outcomes
  • Supporting the family to recruit new carers, tailoring job adverts for the role required, providing support in the interview process
  • Medication stock checks and prescription requests
  • Medical supplies: stock checks and ordering

Experience and Skills Required

  • Hands-on experience for the needs of the client, e.g., complex care needs, Acquired Brain Injury
  • Experience as a Support Worker / Senior Carer
  • Working in a family/private home
  • Excellent communication and teaching skills
  • Strong administrative and organisation skills
  • Computer literate and accurate record keeping

What’s great about being a Care Team Leader

The mixed role of providing hands-on care and coordinating a care team is both challenging and rewarding. As a Care Team Leader, you will build and maintain strong relationships with the client, their family, the care team, and wider multidisciplinary teams. You will have the opportunity to positively influence the whole team to provide the best outcomes for the client.

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