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The firm's roots go back to 1887 - when Charles Garibaldi Shaw started practicing law. In 1892, Garibaldi Shaw's first office was opened at 10 The Forbury by St Lawrence's church in Reading. It was to stay here for the next 60 years.

The same year, Shaw was joined in partnership by J H Eyles and the practice continued until 1903 as Shaw and Eyles, when Eyles died and the name reverted back to Garibaldi Shaw. Four years later, Shaw was joined by articled clerk Leonard Boyes who qualified in 1912. In 1919, Boyes bought the practice from Shaw for £100 which was payable in weekly instalments of £1 spread over two years and the firm became L Boyes.

Roy Turner joined as a partner in 1951, having qualified in 1948 and the firm changed its name to Boyes and Turner. George Burrows also joined in 1951, becoming a partner the following year and Boyes, Turner and Burrows was born, a name which remained for nearly half a century.

The firm's name was eventually shortened to Boyes Turner in 2000 when the firm's first CEO - Andrew Chalkley joined and moved the business into its current Abbots House location.

Since then, an investment programme has seen the firm triple in size, launch a range of new services and staff rise to nearly 200 people.

It has also seen the firm establish itself as one of the UK's most successful full service regional law firms - winning UK Regional Law Firm of the Year for the first time in 2010 and repeating this subsequently a number of times.

An important part of this success has been a commitment to open mindedness and using straight forward, simple, clear communication. This applies equally to the work done advising and helping clients, as well as letting stakeholders - namely employees, contacts and the business community in general know how the business is performing and its future plans.

The aim is to make it as easy as possible to compare Boyes Turner with the other law firms that people know and use and to help them make the right decision when choosing the law firm that's right for them.

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