Make the Doll of your Dreams!

Makies are totally customisable dolls that you create. Each one is guaranteed unique, and with an ever-growing range of accessories and looks, a Makie is a friend for life.

Makies love Toy Like Me! The 'more diversity in the toy box' campaign struck a chord with us last week, so our engineer Ant got to work on a Makie hearing aid, then a walking aid. Hmm, how about Makies with facial birthmarks? With the help of faceup artists like our amazing customiser friend Sioux, those are possible too. We're super happy about this, and there's more on the way...

Manufacturing toys with 3D printing means we can try new things like this and make improvements FAST. Getting the new items into the Makies Store is the next step, and in the meantime, if you've got a question or request, let us know here or email

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