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The Staybowlizer will hold fast a mixing bowl and chopping board to any smooth clean surface, without having to hold the bowl whist mixing and beating as you would have to if using a nonslip mat. The Staybowlizer is a third hand in the kitchen!

The Staybowlizer will also create a Bain Marie for melting chocolate and mixing sauces by slotting the ring into a saucepan’s rim and placing a bowl on top.

The Staybowlizer will help and assist with holding still a chopping board preventing the board from slipping and sliding.

The Staybowlizer has other attributes, such being used as a trivet or splash guard and helps prevent spillage.

The Staybowlizer works on many surfaces that are smooth and found in most end user’s kitchens i.e. Sealed Wood, Granite, Marble, Metal or Formica.

The Staybowlizer is heat resistant up to 260°, it may be placed into the dishwasher, microwave or oven.


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