Hugh James

Hugh James is a top 100 UK law firm with offices in Cardiff and London. The firm has grown from humble beginnings in 1960 to become a leading law firm, servicing a vast range of clients across the UK and overseas.

Although our workforce has grown to more than 700, we have retained and nurtured a unique culture which is based on hard work, exceptional talent, ambition, empathy, innovation and good humour. It is those qualities that have helped us grow the business to where we stand today. We have ambitious plans to become a top 50 UK firm by 2021 and our culture will be key to this

We are a full service firm which provides expert legal services to a vast range of clients. Our clients range from businesses, individuals and banks to public sector organisations, property companies, education establishments and utilities providers. Within these client groups we specialise in a number of sectors which you can find out about on this website. All of our services are listed here as well along with the key people who manage our teams and work with our clients.

Although we work with clients across the UK and overseas, we are always delighted to welcome visitors to our headquarters in Cardiff and our office in London. In both locations we have developed workspaces which we believe provide the best possible working environments for our staff and clients alike.

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