Hodge Jones & Allen LLP

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors has represented ordinary people caught up in the most extraordinary events for four decades.

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors was founded in 1977 by Henry Hodge, Peter Jones & Patrick Allen with offices on Camden High Street. To this day the firm remains committed to providing first-class legal help to individuals and organisations alike, based on a strong set of ethical values that permeate throughout the firm.

Our philosophy has always been to enable individuals to have access to justice where otherwise they might be denied it and this ethos remains as strong today as it did back then. We strive to right wrongs, achieve justice for all and get the very best result for our clients.

These strong values, including the work we undertake, define us, and sit at the heart of what we do. Our results and client feedback speaks for itself and we are justifiably proud of what we achieve. In the last three years Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors has either been shortlisted or won 20 major legal awards, including being shortlisted for the Halsbury Legal Awards 2014 as best law firm of the year.

Today, Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors comprises around 220 employees including 90 lawyers practising in over nine distinct areas of law.

“The idea was to create a law firm that would do things differently. We wanted to be a firm with a radical edge that would fight injustice, right wrongs and defend people’s rights, as well as undertake all the other services that solicitors’ firms do for individual clients.

“We have been on the forefront of the legal sector – changing lives, making headlines and advancing the law – since our inception and hope to continue this for many years to come.”

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