Coastal Case Management

Coastal Case Management are experienced in assessing a claimant's immediate needs following an accident or injury, working under the Rehabilitation Code of Best Practice.

The code advises that, ‘cases may require non-medical treatment such as physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy, speech therapy ‘and so forth (rehabilitation).

We are committed to helping rehabilitate clients as quickly and safely as possible. It is well evidenced that early intervention is vital for rehabilitation to be effective.

Our immediate needs assessment looks at the extent of a person's disabilities, both physical and psychological, and details the short-term intervention needed to rehabilitate the claimant has quickly at possible.

Our unique setup offers a single occupancy unit,  staffed with experienced psychiatric nurses and support workers for observational work and one to one therapy.

In partnership with Coastal Clinics we offer hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, counselling, pain management and occupational therapy services all under one roof.

Coastal Case Management have a proven record in providing effective immediate needs assessment reports and rehabilitation programs help people deal with the consequences of injury, returning mentor health and where appropriate, to employment

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