Tania Brown

Expert Witness, Case Management & Rehabilitation Services

When your life has been changed forever with the diagnosis of a serious condition or as a result of an accident or medical negligence then you and your family need someone you can trust to help you and your loved ones rebuild your shattered lives. We believe that we can help you to achieve this.

Tania Brown Ltd offers a wide range of Specialist Community Services for those with life changing, chronic and/or degenerative neurological conditions as well as Specialist Services for those who have sustained serious or catastrophic injuries such as brain injury (including injury sustained at or around the time of birth) and spinal cord injury. We also provide services for those who have sustained serious multiple orthopaedic injuries including amputation as well as services for people with chronic pain conditions and those suffering from industrial disease particularly those with end of life issues.

We provide Case Management, Rehabilitation and Specialist Clinical Services for both adults and children. We are also able to provide an Expert Witness Service for the courts along with specific services for Independent and Statutory Sectors including the NHS.

We offer a nationwide service with our consultant clinicians and case managers located across the country (including Scotland), all of whom are highly trained with considerable expertise to work alongside clients with complex physical, emotional and social needs.

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