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Knights 1759 is a national leader in the field of brain injury, clinical negligence, court of protection and special educational needs. 

We are passionate about getting the best results for our clients. We understand that you need solicitors you can trust and feel at ease with, who can provide the correct personalised support and expertise for you and your family. Whether you or a loved one has suffered an injury, either as a result of failings in medical treatment or an accident or an assault, we can help. We have helped many families who have found themselves in exactly this position.  We can help you obtain everything that is needed to bring back a quality of life, for you and your family.  Claims are pursued is to ensure that all the care and support needed will be there for life. 

If you have any concerns about the medical treatment provided to you or a member of your family, we can support you by either requesting your medical records on your behalf or reviewing the notes you obtain.  We can review your notes free of charge ( and advise you further or provide you with a second opinion where other lawyers have reviewed your notes but are unable to assist ( .

We can also act as a Professional Deputy and Trustee and have the experience and understanding of catastrophic injuries including brain injuries to ensure families are involved, supported and understood throughout the process rather than excluded from decision making. We work with families during the claim process and continue after compensation is received or take over the role from an existing Deputy where the protected party or family would like to change Deputy or Trustee.

We know that securing the right schooling, education and support for your child can be a hard task. Your child may have learning difficulties or it may be their physical disabilities that are holding them back within the school or learning environment.  However, with the right support in place, your child will find it easier to reach their full potential.  We know that the process of obtaining the correct provision can be challenging, but the team at Knights specialise in supporting families through the EHCP process.  We can:

  • Request an EHCP or assessment for you
  • Get expert assessments and evidence to inform an EHCP
  • Review the contents of your child’s EHCP and request amendments to ensure you get the best for your child
  • Request a placement at your preferred school or schools
  • Support or represent you at meetings with the local authority, school and experts
  • Lead your EHCP appeal.

Getting started and seeking support can be a big step but we are here to make it simple. With 6 regional offices across the country and clients nationwide, whatever your situation, the best course of action is to speak with our experts as soon as possible.

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