Snap CV Tips: CV Design

15 August 2019

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CV Tip of the Week: CV Design
Keep it simple – Ditch the background colour, font, any flowery extras!

A CV needs to be professional, easy to read and tell a consistent story of your work. It needs to be personalised so the reader can get an idea of who you are as a person, but when it comes to presentation, keep it simple!

When sending your CV to an SEN school, recruitment agency, Case Management Company, private family or other prospective employers, what does the design of your CV say about you?

Which one would you as an employer would you be interested to know more about, one with a yellow background, red font, big font, swirly font, and a dash of flowers in the corner… or a nice clear white background, black, average-sized font, font that doesn’t make your head hurt when trying to read it…

Example of a clean, simple CV Example of a poor CV, hard to read CV highly coloured mixed fancy font

Number 2, I guarantee will get you noticed, but for all the wrong reasons! Add your personal style for sure, but think about how you want to be perceived before you add that rose border…

You can always use our Snap CV template if in doubt!


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