Getting the job advert details right - from the beginning!

9 August 2019

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Getting the job advert details right - from the beginning! 

To initially attract good candidates to your job and retain them, there are certain criteria needed to make sure the vacancy being recruited for is viable.

In our experience (which goes back to 2001!), if the job isn’t viable from the beginning, this will result in:

  • Fewer good quality candidates applying for your job
  • Candidates desperate for any job applying
  • Reduced length of placement; they’ll keep an eye out for jobs better jobs and leave sooner
  • Longer to identify suitable candidates and the job becomes ‘stale’

Viable Job Checklist:

Below Market Rate Wage: Check the hourly rate is appropriate for your location and experience and/or qualifications required. If you are unable to increase the hourly rate, can you compromise on the level of experience required and provide training to be able to target other candidates? or offer further incentives/perks to make the job more attractive?
See our recommended rates online

Unspecified Hours: In our experience, we get the best response when hours are very clearly defined. People want to know when they are expected to work.

Very Short Shifts: We recommend that the minimum period for a shift should be 2 hours (ideally 3). The best option is to increase the shift time to at least two hours with additional duties, pay for the full two hours anyway or increasing the overall hourly rate.

Very Longs Hours: Are the hours you require reasonable? Sustainable?

Wanting someone to work every weekend: Candidates may in all good faith say they can work every weekend. But then they have a wedding to go to, then a family party, then their partner wants to take them away for a romantic break… It’s not sustainable.

Rotas with changing shift patterns and part-time hours: Most candidates need to work full-time. If your job is part-time but the shift pattern changes, how can they find another job to supplement their wage? If it’s under 40 hours a week, set working hours are required. 

Mixing Day and Night Shifts: Candidates want to work either days or nights, not a mix of both, just imagine how disruptive that is to someone’s sleep patterns and life! The only exception is when someone is doing a sleeping night and working 3 or 4 days on/off shift patterns.
See our definition of night roles here.

Not paying travel costs/time between shifts: If someone is required to travel two additional trips between shifts, it is industry-norm to pay the candidate for their time and/or travel expenses.

Unreasonable Duties: Candidates recruited through Snap will be focussed on supporting the child or adult they are working with. This can involve any duties that relate directly to the child or client including household task such as keeping areas they use clean and tidy. Unless you are employing the candidate as a housekeeper, they shouldn’t be expected to do the household cooking and cleaning.

Sometimes we are asked if we can 'see what response we get' if we promote a vacancy that doesn't meet our viability checklist - and then change if needed.

We understand the logic behind this, but candidates either think they have already looked at that job (and have discounted it), so don't re-read with new details or they are put off that the details have changed. Candidates say they view vacancies that have been online for too long with caution - 'What's wrong with that job it still hasn't been placed?'

Getting it right, from the start, will bring dividends -
and attract the right candidates to your vacancy!


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