Snap Summer Scheme: Tax and NI  

If you employ someone, even on a temporary basis, it is important to ensure you have informed HMRC and paid the relevant tax and National Insurance Contributions where applicable (it isn't always necessary).

It sounds complicated, but our Summer Scheme sponsors, Nannytax have a temporary payroll service that will make it the whole process straight forward. Nannytax are even offering a 10% discount to Snap clients employing someone on a temporary basis through our Summer Scheme!

Do I have to pay tax and NI for my temporary employee? 

If you  are paying an employee £116 gross per week or less, nothing is due to HMRC and you do not need to register with HMRC and the employee does not need to do anything.

If you pay the employee between £116-£162 gross per week, nothing is due to HMRC, however you should still register with HMRC as the employee will be entitled to state pension and benefits.

If you pay the employee £162 gross per week or more, you must register with HMRC and make the relevant contributions. It is your responsibility to register as an employer with HMRC and make the contributions on the employee's behalf. 

To see more information about tax and wages, please click here.

To download details of the Nannytax Discount for Snap clients using the Summer Scheme, click here. 


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You can also find out about the Summer Scheme at the Snap SEN Info Day June 2nd!