Snap Care Webinar: Ceasing EHCPs

Ceasing EHCPs 600 x 300

Hosted by Lydia Dunford from Boyes Turner

Lydia Dunford, a solicitor at Boyes Turner, joined the Snap Care webinar again for another of her popular discussions on Education Health Care Plans or EHCPs – what happens when an EHCP ceases.

In this session, Lydia answered questions including:

1. If a young person reaches 19 years old and they have an EHCP, does that mean the EHCP has to stop?

2. When can a LA cease an EHCP?

3. What is the process a LA must follow if they want to cease an EHCP?

This webinar may be of interest to parents, support staff, case managers and solicitors working with children or young people with an EHCP.

You can download the Factsheet that accompanies this webinar and view this and other Snap Care recorded webinars here

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