The Snap Shortlist

If you wish to be in control of the recruitment process but have limited time/opportunity to promote the vacancy and shortlist candidates, this option is ideal. It is a very popular option with Case Managers.

This service comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Cost of the Snap Shortlist: £1,800.00 plus VAT per placement

Snap Shortlist

The Snap Shortlist Process:

If we have not yet worked with you, we like to have an informal conversation to explain how we work and understand how you would like to.  Our consultants are approachable, professional, and knowledgeable and will be pleased to answer any questions you have. Our number is 020 7729 2200, Monday to Thursday, 9.00am to 5.30pm, Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

To start the process, we ask you to complete a vacancy registration form. Feel free to send us additional Job Descriptions, Person /Job Specifications which we can incorporate into your advert. Once we have received this and confirm with you it is a vacancy we can assist with, we will raise the £900.00 + VAT commitment fee. (Vacancies via a case manager typically do not require a commitment fee).

When payment of the commitment fee has been received, we will arrange an on-line consultation/discovery call to fully understand your needs. This is an important part of our service; we know that for successful placements, we need as much information as possible to find your best-matched candidates and help make your vacancy appealing to the right candidates. 

Consultations typically last around 30 minutes, they can usually be arranged out of typical office hours if required.

Following your online consultation, we will send you a bespoke job advert that has been created to attract candidates you will be interested in. We ask you to check all the details are correct and nothing is missing; if the advert needs to be changed once recruiting has started, this can have a negative impact on the recruitment drive and additional costs may be incurred.  Once we have your approval for the job advert, we will get started on our search and promoting your vacancy to the right target audience. If you require candidates to complete an application form, we can send this to candidates to help speed up the process.

Snap Care is known in the industry as the specialist agency and candidates regularly check our website for new jobs. Your vacancy will feature on our website, and we will place your advert on at least 4 premium job boards. Your designated recruiter will carry out extensive searches both externally and through Snap Care contacts and networks. Your job advert will be distributed to targeted candidates on our extensive database, built up since 2001 and sent to selected candidates through internal marketing campaigns.

We will contact candidates who have applied for your vacancy to get their verbal confirmation they meet your objective criteria – and check they are still interested in the position. This can be a time-consuming process, but for us, not you! 

Once we have shortlisted, we will send you the CV and, where applicable/requested, a covering letter for all candidates who have applied for your vacancy and meet your objective criteria. At this stage you take over the recruitment.

We encourage you to call all Shortlisted candidates, and as soon as possible, to decide if you wish to interview them; sometimes, on paper, someone may not look ideal, but this can change after a conversation. If you wish to interview more than 1 candidate, we suggest you arrange interviews as close together as possible to avoid delay. Typically, clients do first interviews online or by phone, and second interviews in person. We recommend a trial prior to making a job offer. It is usual to pay individuals for trial days at the advertised hourly rate. Most of our clients find a half or one day trial is sufficient.

You may wish to offer the candidate the job immediately or confirm that your job offer is subject to satisfactory references and/or Right to Work, ID documents, DBS checks etc.  We can send you a draft contract of employment to use if you wish.

Next Steps

Contact one of our friendly recruiters via our enquiry form or call 020 7729 2200 to see how Snap can help you find the right support.