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Snap Care in New Zealand

Promote your New Zealand based job in the UK to experienced candidates seeking a lifestyle opportunity.

We have recently had the privilege of working with a fabulous New Zealand family, who successfully used the Snap Job Advert to promote their job to UK and other international candidates.

Great Candidate Response

We had an excellent response from a wide range of candidates, mostly residing in the UK and keen to have the opportunity to work in an amazing country. The family's new SEN Nanny / Support Worker will be joining them next month to start her new job supporting two wonderful siblings. 


Our Personal Interest in New Zealand

I have a great love of New Zealand and I'm fortunate to be able to spend some time here each year with my partner Andrew, who is co-director of Snap Care (and father to Camilla who was our initial inspiration to start Snap). This year we are working to help more families source the help they need through our Option 3, the Snap Job Advert


Disability Connect and The Children's Autism Foundation

While we were in New Zealand this year, Disability Connect and The Children's Autism Foundation very kindly enabled us to hold meetings in March 2018, at their facilities. We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak to more parents who may be interested to know if this option would work for them, now or at some time in the future. It was also a mine of information for Andrew and I to learn more about services in New Zealand. Much thanks to Arletta van den Bosch and Lisa Martin who were both so generous with their time. 

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If you'd like to know more - please email me:  I will be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also download a fact sheet here

Sally Britton



    Working with Sally at Snap Care has been a total delight. The whole experience has flowed with ease and I felt that the team at Snap Care understood my family’s needs and were able to advertise to a targeted number of people who were suited to our role.

    We were stunned by the response and the calibre of the applicants. We couldn't have hoped for a better result.

    Melanie, client. Whangaparoa, Auckland, New Zealand



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