Snap Care Candidates

The candidates we work with come from very varied backgrounds, the one thing they all have in common is that they have specifically chosen to work in this area and have a passion for helping children and clients with disabilities or additional needs. 


We place people from very different backgrounds who offer a diverse range of skills and experience including:

Makaton, Sign Languages, PECS, Conductive Education, implementing physiotherapy programmes, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), speech and occupational therapy, behaviour management programmes such as ABA and VB, parenting skills, working with people with Acquired Brain Injury / rehabilitation, Portage, Bobath, complex medical skills such as tube feeding, tracheostomy care, suctioning, oxygen administration and epilepsy management...


We don't insist on specific qualifications unless it is a requirement for the job; attitude and experience is primarily what we look for, but most applicants do also have qualifications: NVQ's, NNEB, BTEC, CACHE and related degrees, including speech and language therapists, physios and OT's and qualified teachers. Many candidates will also have related training such as moving and handling, behaviour management (ABA, VB), Makaton Sign language, British Sign Language, administering medication etc. If you require a candidate to have a specific qualification, that is what we will recruit for. 


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