Sample Placements

We can provide support for clients of all ages from babies through to adult, with any need. Below is a small selection of sample placements. Some details have been changed to protect the client's identity.

International Educator

Brief Background: The family in Abu Dhabi have 2 children; a little girl aged 6 and her sister aged 4. The eldest child has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

Requirements:  The family have a fully-staffed household and the children are looked after by 2 'nannies'. The current ‘nannies’ are very good at addressing the children's physical needs, but not equipped to help the eldest daughter's behavioural needs. The little girl recently started attending school but was finding it difficult to cope. 

Snap Placement: We placed a very experience educator who had worked with a number of families with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She worked 6 days a week on a daily basis; the family provided a small apartment locally for her. The educator supported the little girl in her classroom in the mornings and then worked with her at home in the afternoons. She liaised with the teachers who were able to give her the school timetable so she could prepare the girl in advance of subjects to be covered. The educator also worked with the two ‘nannies’ to help them build their understanding of the girl's needs and created activities which included both sisters. The little girl’s behaviour gradually improved as she gained confidence and became less anxious. 


International ABA Lead Therapist & Therapy Support / Specialist Nanny

Brief Background: The family in Dubai and have a son aged 6 who has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Requirements:  The little boy follows an ABA programme and the family require an experienced lead therapist and a specialist nanny who can support the child at home and in other non-therapy environments. 

Snap Placement: Snap recruited both the lead ABA Therapist with full Board Certified Behaviour Analysts certification (BCBA) and an experience specialist / special needs nanny who had previous experience working with a wide range of children on the autistic spectrum within home settings. The 2 candidates worked well together to ensure continuity between the home and the therapy settings. Both candidates were able to learn different aspects about the child from each other, which in turn were passed to the other therapists involved in the ABA programme. The little boy was able to concentrate for longer periods and his speech improved which in turn helped his behaviour. 


International Adult Rehabilitation Support

Brief Background: The client aged 21 lives with his family Dubai.  The client had an accident and sustained an acquired a brain injury (ABI). He had difficulty with his speech, mobility and short term memory. He tired easily and was prone to emotional outbursts.

Requirements:  The client visited the UK with his family to attend a specialist treatment / rehabilitation centre for clients with an ABI for an assessment. The centre were to carry out the assessment and then provide a care plan for his continued rehabilitation at home. 

Snap Placement: Snap recruited an experienced rehabilitation support worker to work with the client at the rehabilitation centre in the Uk. She then returned with the family after 6 weeks to Dubai, where she worked on a full time, permanent, live-in basis. While in the UK, she was able to liaise with the various therapists and understand how the care plan should be best implemented. She remained in contact with the centre who monitored his progress. The support worker attended therapy and hospital appointments with the client, sometimes on her own and sometimes with the client's mother. The clients progress was slow but steady. His confidence, physical strength and mobility improved and he had started to enjoy some outdoor activities again. 

Two International Special Needs / Specialist Nannies

Brief Background: The family in Switzerland have a 2 year old daughter who has a rare genetic condition. The grandparents also play an active role in the care of their granddaughter. 

Requirements: The little girl requires 24 hour care and her needs are very complex. At night she is prone to epileptic seizures and needs constant monitoring. 

Snap Placement: Snap placed a mature woman who had previously worked as a nurse plus a special needs nanny who had looked after a child in the UK with very similar needs. Together with the parents and grandparents, they worked out a rota to ensure the little girl was always carefully looked after day and night. At times one of the nannies would accompany the grandparents or parents for hospital visits. The two nannies worked full-time and shared an apartment close by. 


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