Recommended Wages

The candidates Snap Care place are dedicated, experienced and skilled individuals who will be doing an important job that goes beyond providing basic care needs. Their focus will be to help the child or client reach their potential, achieve their rehabilitation, therapy and educational goals and maximise their opportunities. We keep abreast of market rates to ensure our clients can both attract and retain the right calibre of staff to meet these needs.

Recommended Wage Guide (Opens PDF)

Night roles, split into three categories: Waking, On-Call and Sleeping. Click here for an overview of how Snap defines these roles and more info
Weekends: Carry a £2.00 per hour premium and typically run from midnight on Friday to 6.00am Monday
Part-time Roles, Including Split Shifts: we recommend an additional £1.00 per hour may be applied to the above rates to attract and retain suitable candidates
Wage Range = Depends on experience required, most fall into the first figure
From £NMW = From National Minimum Wage

  • Hourly rates are quotes as gross (before tax). Useful calculators from Nannytax convert gross to net, and net to gross. 
  • Vacancies we recruit for are typically on an employed basis. HMRC generally do not agree for SEN Nannies, Support Workers etc. to have self-employed status except where they are working for a number of different clients on a part-time or on-going temporary basis. If you wish to recruit someone on a self-employed basis, please click here to see if your vacancy is eligible for self-employed status. 
  • International net figures quotes to allow for varying local taxes

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