Our Service

Skype Introduction 

For our international clients who are not planning to visit the UK, your designated recruiter will arrange to have an in-depth Skype conversation to find out all your requirements and get to know you and your family. If it is possible for us to 'meet' the children via Skype too, this is ideal. Where Skype is unavailable, we will call you.

Meeting in the UK / At Our offices

For clients visiting the UK, we would love to be able to meet you, to speak together face to face can make all the difference! We will be delighted to arrange to meet you at a location convenient to you or you are welcome to arrange to visit our office which is just outside the city of London, in Shoreditch, EC2. Please click here for a map. 

Home Visits

International home visits can be arranged if required. A designated recruiter can come and meet you in your home country, please enquire for costs

Experienced, Friendly Recruitment Recruiters:

The consultants who work at Snap Care are experienced working with children, young people and adults with additional needs or disabilities and will understand your needs. 

A Bespoke Job Description:

We will create and send you a bespoke job description once we have discussed your requirements, for you to approve prior to starting our search. This will also include the full costs. When our experienced consultants create your job description, they will be, well, very descriptive to attract the right candidates for your family.

Thorough Screening:

Each applicant is required to provide personal as well as professional information to us. We require a professional CV, full contact details for at least two professional references and confirmation they are fit, physically and mentally. We verify and scan original documents including passport, visas, driving licence, current DBS, qualifications, marriage certificates etc.

We interview all applicants face to face wherever geographically possible, if this is not possible, we interview via Skype. Our interview questions are very thorough; as well as going through all previous employment, candidates are asked about where they are in their personal life, about their interests and aspirations. As well as screening for the right experience, we are also looking for the right attitude, which is just as important. 

Full Candidate Details:

When we identify one or more suitable candidates, we will send you their full details which include a top sheet created from answers provided on their registration form, our interview comments, a photo, a full CV and references they have provided / we have obtained. We obtain at least 2 written references that are also verbally verified. 

Disclosure & Barring Service Check (DSB)

We are registered with the Disclosure & Barring Service (formally the Criminal Records Bureau) and will process an enhanced DSB Check for anyone placed through us. Snap covers the cost of this police check as well as the first year of the DBS Update Service. 

Peace of Mind

Even if someone ticks all the boxes on paper, if we don’t feel they are giving us all the information or we have any doubts, we will not pass their details to you. If we have three possible candidates, we’ll send three, if we have just one, we’ll send one. We work with clients who are potentially vulnerable and we won’t cut any corners or send you details of someone we know doesn't meet your, and our, standards. 


We want you to have the right person and while the majority of placements are highly successful, sometimes it doesn’t work out as everyone hoped. As long as our Terms & Conditions have been adhered to, we will endeavour to find a replacement at no extra charge or issue the appropriate refund. Our guarantee period is 4 months, but we will always look at each case individually beyond 4 months.


Contracts & Employment Information

We will be pleased to provide you with a draft contract of employment. This will however be under UK employment law, so we advise you use it as a guide only. 

After Placement Support

Your designated recruiter will contact you to see how the placement is going. We usually call  / Skype when someone has just started to see how they are settling in, then in a couple of weeks and lastly after 3 months. Our involvement then drops back, but will be very happy to hear from you if you have any questions or just to let us know how things are going at any point. 

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or contact us for more information: info@snapcare.co.uk  00 44 20 7729 2200