International Wages

To ensure we attract candidates of the highest standard, we set a recommended market wage. Due to the varying tax rates of individual countries, International wages are quoted as net weekly figures. 

For placements outside the UK, it is typical to provide and pay for accommodation within the family / client home or nearby. For daily positions where candidates are required to fund their own accommodation, please add an additional £4.00 net per hour. It is also usual practice for the employer to pay flights at the start and end of contract and all insurance including medical insurance. 

  Europe Middle East, Russia & Asia Rest of the World
International Minimum £700.00 net per week to £1,200.00+ net per week Minimum £800.00 net per week to £1,400.00+ net per week Please contact us for other countries

All weekly rates are based on working an average of 50 hours per week


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