Option 1: The Recruitment Process

1. Skype / Online Introduction 

If we haven't worked with you before, we like to have an initial conversation so we can explain how we work and also understand how you do.  Our consultants are approachable, professional and knowledgeable and will be pleased to answer any questions you have. For international clients who are not planning to visit the UK, your designated recruiter will arrange to have an in-depth Skype conversation to find out all your requirements and get to know you and your family. If it is possible for us to 'meet' the children / client via Skype too, this is ideal. Where Skype is unavailable, we will be happy to speak by phone.


2. Complete a Vacancy Registration Form

To start the process, we ask you to complete a vacancy registration form.  Once we have received this and we can confirm it's a vacancy we can assist with, we'll raise the 30% commitment fee. 

3. Job Description and Costs:

When payment of the commitment fee has been received, we will send you a bespoke job advert that has been created to attract candidates you will be interested in, plus finalised costs. Once we have your approval for the job advert and costs, we will get started on our search.

4. Attracting Candidates to Your Job:

Snap is known in the industry as the specialist agency and candidates regularly check our website for new jobs. We will place additional adverts as appropriate at no extra cost. Your job advert will be distributed to targeted candidates on our extensive database, built up since 2001. We always have a number of candidates who we are actively working with to find work.


5. Extensive Searches

Your designated recruiter will carry out extensive searches both externally and through Snap contacts and networks. They will long and shortlist applications and then interview potentially suitable candidates. We'll then verify documents, ID and start reference checks.


6. Sending Candidate Details: 

Once we have identified & interviewed potential candidates, we will send you their full details. This includes CV, interview comments, candidate photo and and any references we have obtained. We will send as many suitable applicants as we have identified, we don't hold back any candidates. Equally we won't send anyone unless we really feel they are an appropriate match. It may be 2 or 3 candidates, or only 1.

7. Arranging Interviews:

If you also like the candidates, we'll coordinate interviews, but we do encourage you to facilitate this as soon as you can; good candidates don't hang around for long! Typically international clients like to do an initial interview online followed by a face to face interview / trial. Face to face interviews / trials are generally between 2 - 4 days. Clients will be required to cover all costs related to face to face interviews including accommodation, travel, (including any insurance, visas) plus wages at the stated rate. 

8. Offering the Job

You may wish to offer the candidate the job directly or we are happy to do so on your behalf.  If they are not quite right, just give us your feedback, we'll speak with the candidate and continue searching - we are happy to do this, having the wrong person is worse than having no-one!

10. Draft Contact

We are happy to provide a draft contract, however this will be under UK employment law, so we advise you use it as a guide only. We ask that we have a copy of your contract for our records. 


11. Invoicing

An invoice will be raised for the remaining 70% of the fee, this will be required to be paid in full prior to the candidate starting the candidate commencing employment. 

12. After Placement Support:

We will contact you when the candidate has just started to see how they are settling in, then after a couple of weeks and lastly after 3 months. Our involvement then drops back, but we'll be very happy to hear from you if you have any questions or just to let us know how things are going at any point. 

Next Steps...

>>Contact one of our friendly recruiters via our enquiry form 
>> Call 00 44 20 7729 2200 to see how Snap can help you


Option 1 Bespoke Recruitment