Working with our clients in Dubai

Snap Care has offered an International service since we first began in 2001.

Our first International placement was in Dubai and this continues to be a country we are actively involved with recruiting specialist support for children and people of determination. We have successfully recruited for a number of roles including Therapists, Educators, SEN Nannies, Support Workers and Rehabilitation Therapists.

This year, Snap recruiter Kamila had the opportunity to visit Dubai for the first time, here's the story of her time in this beautiful city. 


My Trip to Dubai

Kamila Nevrklova, Snap Care Specialist Recruiter


On 23rd of September, I set off on my first adventure to the Middle East to meet up with some of our existing and potential clients and candidates in Dubai.

Dubai was incredibly hot (45 degrees!) but also incredibly beautiful, modern and the people were all warm and welcoming.

Although I was only in Dubai for a week, as well as meeting several families and candidates, I was able to include a visit to one of the specialist centres, the Camali Clinic which focuses on Children and Adult’s mental health and I had the opportunity to meet up with its charming HR Manager, Rebecca. It was very impressive and great to hear of the excellent work they do.

All the hospitals, intervention centres and specialists are located in Dubai Healthcare City which is very convenient for their clients. This includes the Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center which was founded by one of our clients.

It was also interesting to learn more about Dubai’s visa system, recruitment processes and job opportunities.

One of the highlights of my trip, was meeting with some of our existing clients.  It was wonderful to meet them all in person, hear their stories and see their progress.  One our successfully placed candidates has worked with our client for the last 5 years and is now seen as an extended family member!

Parents and Clients

If you would like to discuss how Snap can help you find specialist support, please email me or call on 00 44 20 7729 2200. Or for more information, see our International Brochure. 



I am currently discussing some very exciting opportunities and potential projects for Snap to be involved with and we are very keen to hear from anyone who is interested in living and working in Dubai and making a positive contribution to our clients’ lives. If you would like to be kept informed on new opportunities and information including open days, please get in touch via email.