Employer's Information 


Additional Notes/Useful Links:

1. A probation period is usually one month, but you can choose a longer period if you wish. We would not advise anything longer than 3 months.

2. It is advised you quote only gross figures in relation to wages/salary (Net / Gross calculator)

3a. To calculate holiday entitlement, please click here
3b. Holiday Entitlement

4. If you have a live-in employee, it is your choice if you allow guests to stay overnight or not.  You are entitled to stipulate who is allowed / not allowed and for how long. This will be the employee’s home for the period they are working with you.

5. Further information regarding employment contracts can be seen here

6. Please also see ACAS, Employing People, A Guide for New Employer’s

7. Payroll Company used by many of our clients: Nannytax and Enable (adults)

8. Contracts - Employer's Responsibilities

8. Employment Allowance - save up to £4,000 per annum against NI payments

9. Employer's Liability Insurance