Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

DBS (Police Check)

As part of Snap Care’s thorough screening process, all the candidates we place must have a satisfactory Enhanced DBS and be on the Update Service. We process your DBS application using a fast-track service to make it is as speedy as possible.

Update Service

We recommend getting on the Update Service a soon as possible. This demonstrates you are committed to best practice, reassures our clients and families, and ensures there are no delays to your start date. If we put forward two candidates for a vacancy, and one candidate is on the Update Service and the other is not, the candidate who is on the Update Service already has an advantage.

How to get a new DBS?

We will send you a link to the online form from a fast-track service that we use. You then simply enter your details and submit the form. For us to process your DBS, we need to have seen your original documents, however, due to the COVID-19 situation, we are unable to view them in person. The DBS have made changes to allow us to see copies and we will then ask you to take your original documents to the family/client at interview stage. They will complete a checklist and send it back to us.

Who Pays for the DBS?

If we place you, we will pay for not only your DBS Certificate through a fast-track service, but also the first year of your Update Service. We recommend you get on the Update Service straight away which may be before your job interview, even if we don’t manage to place you, the Update Service is transferable to most other organisations.

Your Current DBS Status & What You Need to Do

Great news! You just need to send a scan of the certificate relating to the Update Service if you are having an online interview with one of our recruiters.

Even if you have a recent DBS, if you are not on the Update Service, this is not transferable. We strongly encourage you to apply for a new Enhanced DBS and join the Update Service as soon as possible.

Update Service

Candidates subscribing to this service can re-use their DBS Certificate when changing jobs or roles within the same sector. Where an individual has subscribed, the employer will not need to apply for a new Certificate, but will be able to quickly perform an instant, free online check that the existing Certificate is up to date. Please note, you only get 30 days from the date your certificate is dispatched to join the Update Service!


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The bottom line is: If you work in this industry, you should have an Enhanced DBS and be on the Update Service!