Data Protection  

We do ask for a comprehensive information from you, which is essential as we work with potentially vulnerable children and adults. SNAP is a data controller under the Data Protection Act.  We will use the information you provide only in connection with the services provided by SNAP. Your details will be stored securely, treated in strictest confidence and will not be passed onto a third party, except with your explicit permission or as required to do so by law. 

How we treat the data you provide

Our registration process enables you to create an account which you are then able to update at any time. This means you don't need to re-do a form each time you apply for a job, you can simply update any old information. This means you save time and we have your most up to date information. This is securely stored and only accessible to you and  designated staff at SNAP. You can request that your account is deleted at any time. 

Identification Documents

We will need to see your original documents when we put you forward for a job. Ideally we like to meet everyone in person, but appreciate if you live far away this is not always possible, in which case we arrange a Skype interview and ask you post your documents, which should be sent by Special Delivery. We will scan and securely save your documents digitally. If posted, we will always endeavour to return your documents the same day -  you must provide the appropriate return Special Delivery envelope / stamps so we can do so safely. We will keep these on file for 12 months. If we place you in a position, we will archive these files to be securely stored. If we do not place you in a position, for your confidentiality, we will safely destroy these files.

Personal / Sensitive Information

If you have provided personal or sensitive information, this will only be used to determine your suitability for a position / to register for our jobs. 

Sending your Details to Potential Employers

Once we have identified a position we feel you could be suitable for (and you are interested in of course!), we will send your details to the client. This will include your CV, references we have obtained for you, plus a top sheet which has information pulled through from your registration form (if you drive, your hobbies, experience details etc, plus your photo and notes from our interview with you. Some of our clients are also supported by a case manager and/or a solicitor and so your details will also to be sent to them. (They are also professionals who are bound by a professional code of conduct and will be equally appropriate about their use of your data). If we place you in a position, clients and / or case managers may need to see copies of specific documents, such as your DBS certificate or driving license to be able to on their car insurance. Some case manager companies will also need to carry out their own reference, DBS and document checks.

Associated Companies

Some of the jobs we work on with be in association with other companies known to SNAP who work in the industry. We will make clear on these jobs who will be carrying out the recruitment procedures if it is not SNAP.

Access to Information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 you have the right to access any information that we hold relating to you. Please note that we reserve the right to charge a fee of £10.00 to cover costs incurred by us in providing you with the information.