CQC Registration for Case Managers

Case Managers CQC Factsheet (1)

Q&A Session #1 As a Case Manager, should you be registered with the CQC?

Tracey Clarke joined the Snap Care Q&A on Wednesday 6th October for part 1 of an informal Q&A session to discuss case managers and registration with the CQC.

Tracey Clarke runs Virtual Administration and has supported many case managers with their CQC registration, which can seem a daunting task.

In this session, we discussed the criteria CQC set that require case managers to be registered with the CQC.

As an open Q&A session, this was not recorded, but you can download the accompanying factsheet here.

Join us for Session #2! CQC Registration, Getting Started

Tracey joins the next Snap Care Q&A event for Part 2 (of 3) to discuss Case Managers getting started with a CQC Registration.

Tracey will cover many aspects of getting started with the registration, including:

  • What application forms you will need to download from the CQC website
  • What policies and documents you will need to send as part of your application
  • Hints and tips… and more!

Secure your free ticket to the next CQC Q&A with Tracey;
CQC Registration, Getting Started. 3rd November, 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm.

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