Care, Childcare and Future Childcare Costings for Expert Witnesses


Snap Care has been placing great candidates to support children, young people and adults with disabilities or additional needs since 2001.

We knew it was crucial for support staff to be paid the appropriate amount for their skills, experience, hard work and commitment to the client.

Snap Care’s Recommended Rates

Frequently in those early years, we were told our rates were too high. We stuck with our recommended rates, and over the years, it was proved to be the right decision. To attract, and just as importantly retain, high calibre staff, the appropriate rate must be paid.

The benefits of having candidates who remained in post for a long period, is, of course, well-known. Continuity gives the client and their family reassurance and the ability to build meaningful relationships and help achieve the desired rehabilitation/therapy goals and outcomes.

For many years now our market rates have often been quoted and referred to as the benchmark for support staff rates.

Costings for Expert Witnesses

We are happy to provide childcare and care costings for Expert Witnesses. We work with clients of all ages from birth to 65 and can provide costs for single years, or for multiple years, for future child care costs. For example, a disabled woman may wish to have children in the future and would require some level of support to enable her to safely parent.

Basic costings for Expert Witnesses are provided free of charge. For more complex costings where rota and /or best practice information is required, a charge of £75.00 per hour + VAT will be applicable.

Please contact for more information.

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