Our Guarantee 

We want you to have the right person! 

The majority of our placements are robust and long-term, however occasionally don't work out for reasons no-one could predict. 

SNAP offers a replacement guarantee period for positions placed of 4 months (16 weeks). Should a placement not work out during this time, we will find a replacement within 4 weeks of receiving written confirmation of termination of employment, based on the initial requirements provided. Only one replacement will be made for each placement.  


Should no replacement be available within the 4 week replacement period and you decide you do not wish us to continue the search (we will be happy to do so for as long as it takes to find the right person), you can choose to either keep the full amount on credit with us for future placements, or we will issue the applicable refund as follows:

Up to 2 months: 75% | 2 to 3 months: 45% |  3 to 4 months: 20%

We will look at all cases on an individual basis after 4 months.


This guarantee is dependent upon the conditions of refund being adhered to, as listed below:

1. SNAP receives written notification of the termination of employment from the Employer within five working days of the agency being initially informed

2. The placement fee due has been paid in full within 14 days of the date of invoice.

3. Suitable replacement (s) are not unreasonably refused within the 4-week replacement period (Based on the initial requirements provided)

4. Another agency or other source is not used during the 4-week replacement period

5. The Employee has left or not started the position because of unreasonable conditions

6. The job description has not been changed 

7. The contract has been used and has not been breached

8. SNAP's Terms and Conditions have been adhered to

9. The job has not been withdrawn within the 4-week replacement period

10. The Employer has not informed SNAP  within the 4-week period they no longer require the services of SNAP


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