Why Choose Snap?

Snap has been working with families and clients since 2001 and we are well known as the agency for jobs with children & adults with disabilities & additional needs. We work with lots of families and clients who are offering great jobs across the UK and Internationally. Because we meet all our clients seeking permanent help in the UK, we are able to best match you to the right job. 

We post all our jobs on-line and send out job alerts straight to you, so you get to hear about the latest jobs straight away. We place people in a wide variety of roles, take a look at the jobs page to see the jobs currently available. 

We place candidates throughout the UK and Internationally to support individuals with disabilities, additional needs or those experiencing difficult circumstances such as illness and bereavement. 

The Support of a Reputable Agency

Snap was established in 2001 and we have worked with many different families and clients over that time. While working with clients with disabilities or additional needs in a private home is one of the most rewarding jobs, we appreciate it is not always the easiest. We are here not only to match you to great jobs, but to support you throughout the recruitment process. 

Professional but Personal Service

Our business is focused on achieving an objective for our clients - and we recruit motivated people like you to achieve that. We understand the significant part you are going to play. Snap was started by a special needs nanny, Sally Britton and Andrew Knight who has a daughter Camilla, who has cerebral palsy, so we have an understanding from both sides!

Working with Dedicated, Experienced Recruiters

All the recruiters at Snap are very experienced and will help guide you and give you information and advice, whether that’s information about a specific disability or general employment queries. Read more about the Snap Team...

Your SNAP Account

Our registration process enables you to create a Snap account that you are able to update at any time. This means you don't need to re-do a form each time you apply for a job, you can simply update your information. This is securely stored and only accessible to you and staff at Snap. You can request that your account is deleted at any time. Click here to create your Snap account!

Meeting all Our Clients, Full Job Details

We visit all clients seeking permanent help wherever they are in the UK. This means that we are able to give you full information about the role; not just about the hours and the duties, but about who they are as a family or individual. We feel it is just as important to match on personality traits as well as experience and by meeting all our clients we are in a position to do just that. Take a look at our current jobs...

Flexible Opening Hours

We are open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm, but can also arrange recruiter interviews on Wednesdays to 7.00pm, by appointment. We are also open Saturdays 9.00am to 3.00pm (excluding Bank Holiday weekends). We appreciate that it isn’t always easy to be able to interview during regular office hours. You can of course leave a message for us out of office hours and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

Helping You get the Job You Want!

When we put you forward for a position, we will advise you how to best present your experience in the very best way to give you the greatest chance of being offered that position. We have online templates for writing the best CV and Supporting Statements for Snap jobs. We will promote you and highlight your specific skills and particular qualities to our clients. We actively promote you and highlight your experience and availability to clients and case managers who may have a need for your skills through our 'Latest Candidates' webpage and other marketing tools. Snap will never disclose your personal / contact information without your express permission.

Interview Advice

We will give you tips regarding your job interview, these may be general best practice tips or very specific ones for that job. 

DBS Police Checks 

We will process and pay for your DBS check once we have placed you in a position and will pay for the first year of your DBS Update Service. (We highly recommend you continue to keep this updated yourself annually after the first year).

Employment Contracts 

Some clients already have their own contact of employment, but if not we will provide one for you and your employer. 

We are members of Nannytax Agency+ and can now support clients and candidates with any employment law enquiries they may have. For example complex contractual enquiries such as holiday entitlement and statutory sick pay as well as support and advice on Employer and Employee rights.   

Data Protection

We do ask for a great deal of information from you, which is essential as we work with potentially vulnerable individuals. Snap is a data controller under the Data Protection Act.  We will use the information you provide only in connection with the services provided by Snap. Your details will be stored securely, treated in strictest confidence and will not be passed onto a third party, except with your explicit permission or as required to do so by law. We may post anonymous details of your experience on our website to demonstrate the high calibre of candidates we work with and also send details to prospective clients. We will send your full details to clients and / or case managers when we are putting you forward for a position. See also Data protection, Privacy Policy.

Looking After Your Documents

Ideally we like to meet everyone in person, but appreciate if you live far away this is not always possible, in which case we ask you post your original documents.  If you post documents, we will scan and securely save your documents digitally. We will always endeavour to return your documents the same day. We ask you to provide the appropriate Special Delivery envelope and stamps so we can do so safely. We appreciate this is not the cheapest way to send documents but it is the safest. If you have not provided the means for us to return your documents, we will contact you to ask you to do so. We will store your documents securely but please note, this can only be for a limited period. 

An Introductory Agency

Snap is an introductory agency that means we identify potentially suitable candidates for our clients, carry out thorough screening and interviews and then send your details to the client. As an introductory agency, we will never be your employer, but we will of course be happy to advise you and your new employer on employment matters.

What We Ask of You

We will happily put in a great deal of work on your behalf to find you a great job.

For us to be able to do this, we need to work together. We will always give you all the information, and we expect the same in return. We work with families and clients who may be under a great amount of pressure and we only want to work with people who can help their situation, not complicate it!

We Ask You:

To be clear about your availability and ability to commit to a job

To be honest and open with us, to provide accurate information and feedback in a timely manner

To keep good lines of communication with us

To understand how we work as an agency with you and clients and to ensure there is loyalty between all parties

To provide us with all the documentation we need in a timely fashion

To represent Snap in a professional manner at all times, both prior to obtaining a job and when working for a Snap client. We have worked hard to get our reputation and you will benefit from being part of that.  

To keep us informed of any changes in your job, for example if your hours are increased or a temporary role is extended.


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