Job Advert & Shortlist Terms

Because the process is different to our full recruitment service, we have some additional terms for the Snap Job Advert & Snap Shortlist Services that we ask clients to confirm they agree with. Please click here for our usual company terms and conditions.


•             The details of all candidates who apply to your position remain the property of Snap Care / SNAP                Childcare Ltd.

•             Candidate’s details may not be passed onto a third party, now or at any time in the future, unless Snap Care has given explicit permission & an appropriate recruitment fee has been paid.

•             Candidate’s details may contain identifying / personal details. You agree to delete / dispose of candidate details in an appropriate manner once no longer required. (Digital copies deleted, Printed copied shredded). Full data protection guidance can be found on the ICO Website.

•             Candidates may only be considered for the specific role being advertised. If they are recruited for another job, now or at any time in the future, an additional placement fee will be applicable.

•             If a candidate also applies for a snap position, we will proceed with that candidate’ application. We will not aggressively target candidates who have applied for your position for one week after their application, however they will receive automated emails when new jobs are posted if their criteria is matched to that job.

•             Snap Care will play no part in the engagement process and can take no responsibility for the suitability of any candidate who applies.

•             Clients who utilise this service, agree inform Snap Care / SNAP Childcare once they have offered a position to a candidate

•           Snap Care cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions in the job details provided. It is your responsibility to ensure the details of the job are correct and do not contain confidential or identifying information.

•           A fee of £900.00 (Snap Care Job Advertising) or £1,800.00 (Snap Care Shortlist) plus VAT will be payable for each candidate successfully recruited. Invoices will be raised once the candidate has commenced employment and will be due for payment within 30 days. Please send your job advert and any additional information you would like potential candidates to have access to such as job description and person specification. Please ensure all identifying / confidential details have been removed.

•           A cancellation / advertising fee of £900.00 + VAT will be applicable in the following situation (for both the Job Advert and Shortlist Options): If Snap has identified suitable applicant(s) based on the information provided and sent details of those applicants to the Employer, but the Employer has changed the details of the position to such an extent, that the identified applicant(s) is/are no longer suitable. This also includes the complete withdrawal of a position.

Terms last updated, November 2017