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                     Flexibility on Wages Needed!

Sam Prosser, our Recruitment Engagement Manager, has recently spoken to a sample of case managers across the UK to get feedback on how SNAP can best help their clients.

The main feedback he received was that we would be able to help many more clients if we could provide some
flexibility around wages.

SNAP Recommended Wages

When SNAP started in 2001, we were determined to offer more than just carers; we wanted to attract high calibre individuals who would genuinely make a difference to not only the client, but their wider family. 

Our focus then was on quality... and always will be. 

We do understand that in many cases your hands are tied and it is simply not  possible to recruit the most experienced or qualified candidates.
We understand in some situations your hands are tied and it is not viable to recruit the most experienced or qualified candidates.

We appreciate:
  • Some clients are restricted to how much they can pay employees
  • Clients may already employ a team of people who are on a lower rate and to increase all wages is not possible
  • Some clients require candidates who are different stages of their career or have different skills / qualities that do not justify the higher rate
The candidates SNAP place want to do more than just ‘care’ for a client, they help promote their independence, help them reach their full potential and consider the wider needs of the family. We only work with candidates who we believe are genuinely passionate about working with children and adults with additional needs and disabilities and see the possibility of what could be achieved.

Going Forward...

For many of the jobs we are asked to recruit for, our recommended wages remain appropriate and we believe offer long term cost effectiveness and stability, but we will be pleased to look at positions that currently pay under our recommended rate on an individual basis and discuss with you how we may be able to best help that client.    

Contact one of our recruiters now...

... if you would like to discuss how SNAP could help one of your clients, we'd love to hear from you.  

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For more information about how SNAP work with case managers and solicitors and our terms & conditions, click here.

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