Agency Fees

Full Time Placements:

Part-time Placements:

14% of the employee's gross annual salary  14% of the employee's gross annual salary, our minimum fee is  £2500.00

Temporary Positions: (up to 16 weeks)

International Placements:

£150.00 per week​, £60.00 per day

Europe: 16% of the employee's gross annual salary
Rest of World: 20% of the employee's gross annual salary

Professional Therapy Positions

Our minimum fee for therapy positions less than 10 hours a week is £960.00
(A professional therapists is someone who may be in addition to the main carer, bring a specialist skill, e.g. physio, speech therapy, paid a minimum of £20.00 per hour)



Multiple Placement Discounts


The following discounts are applicable when SNAP is asked to recruit for more than one position. This discount only applies if all positions are recruited for within the same period. 

  • One placement (highest monetary value), usual placement fee applies
  • Any subsequent placements each at 10% discount
  • Bank Worker* 50% of £2,500.00 (minimum fee) £1,250.00
    (*Bank Worker - zero hours contract, working on average 20 hours a week or less)

Returning Clients, Loyalty Discount​

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to returning clients seeking another permanent candidate through Snap (Applicable to clients who have previously adhered to our terms and conditions).

Home Visits:


There is no charge for a home visit, just an agreemnet you are committed to using our service.

If you would like us to come and see you before you have a position specified, we are happy to do so, but there is a charge of £375.00 + VAT, within the M25, or £475.00+ VAT, outside the M25. This fee will be deducted from any subsequent permanent placement fee. 


All fees are subject to VAT where applicable.

Fees above effective at 21st September 2016, subject to change without notice

(Temporary Fees changed 26/07/2017)

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