About SNAP

SNAP is a specialist agency, placing high calibre health & social care workers including PAs, carers, support workers, therapists, nurses, educators and rehabilitation support workers, to work with teenagers and young people with disabilities & additional needs. 

Our positions are either full or part-time, permanent or temporary, daily or live-in. We place people throughout the UK and Internationally.

We match candidates not just based on their experience, but also on their 'fit' with you and your family, which is why we meet all clients seeking permanent help throughout the UK. We work directly with families and via case managers.

We have been working with families since 2001 and are committed to finding you the very best candidates - our standards are set very high! With our skill, understanding and experience, we will endeavour not only to find you a great candidate, but to provide a comprehensive, personalised service where you feel fully understood and supported.


SNAP History:

SNAP was started in 2001 by Sally Britton and partner Andrew Knight, whose daughter Camilla has cerebral palsy and requires support in all aspects of her life.  Camilla was our initial inspiration and the very foundation on which SNAP was built. The SNAP team always enjoy her visits to the office and Camilla continues to be our motivation and bench mark for the high quality service we are proud to offer. 

Camilla's dad Andrew, like all parents, wanted to give his little girl the very best and he realised early on that he couldn't provide all the care Camilla needed. He didn't, however, want Camilla to be just 'looked after'; he wanted high calibre, professionals who could support Camilla to maximise her opportunities.  

We support young people with:

Acquired Additional Needs

For individuals who have become disabled through injury, such as Acquired Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and spinal injury, or illness  - such as a stroke. For teenagers, young adults and adults who require PA's, buddies, carers, tutors and communicators to aid their rehabilitation and address ongoing care needs.

Specific Conditions 

Care for teenagers, young adults or adults with specific conditions such as cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders etc., who require ongoing support and care. Continuing their education, progress and skills.  Supporting clients to go to work or find employment.

Complex Medical Needs or Illnesses 

For individuals who have more medically based needs. Candidates placed may work individually or more usually as part of a care team.

Special Educational Needs

For teenagers, young adults and adults who require assistance with their ongoing learning and education. This includes individuals following home-based behavioural programmes and those requiring physical assistance while studying at FE colleges or University. Education may be academic and curriculum based or geared towards learning life, social and communication skills.

Emotional / Psychological Needs

For teenagers, young people and adults with psychological conditions such eating disorders, general anxiety disorder, mental health issues or those who have been through a traumatic episode and will benefit from a buddy / support / tutor. 


SNAP Candidates

We only work with candidates we believe are passionate about working in this field; it is a highly rewarding job, but also a demanding one that requires a true commitment.

We place people from very different backgrounds who offer a diverse range of skills and experience including:

Makaton, Sign Languages, PECS, Conductive Education, implementing physiotherapy programmes, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), speech and occupational therapy, behaviour management programmes such as ABA, parenting skills, working with people with Acquired Brain Injury, rehabilitation, Portage, Bobath, complex medical skills such as tube feeding, tracheostomy care, suctioning, oxygen administration and epilepsy management...

The people we work with:

* Strive to help the young person be as independent and confident as is possible

* Improve educational, communication, social and life skills

* Enable the young person to partake in activities, hobbies and access their community

* Aid physical well-being and ensure personal safety

* Continue to seek ways to enhance the quality of the young people’s lives

* Recognise the importance of considering and responding to the needs of the whole family

* Are sensitive to the client's choices, opinions and preferences, respect their privacy and see them as an individual

*Want to make a difference and help the young person lead the life they want to


 Click here to see a selection of just some of the candidates who have recently registered with SNAP and are ready to find a great job! 


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*We are currently unable to work in the USA & Scotland due to visa / legislative reasons.