How to get a Great Snap Job!

We have some amazing jobs - all over the UK and Internationally. The list of roles we recruit for seems to grow each month, because basically we recruit for any job that supports a child, teenager or adult with disabilities or additional needs! Specialist / SEN Nannies, Night carers, Buddies, Support Workers, International Educators, Therapists, PAs, Employment & Educational Supports, Rehabilitation Support Workers, Team leaders, Nurses, Enablers... 

The most important attribute required to get a Snap job, is to have a genuine passion for working with children, young people or adults with disabilities or additional needs - and the desire to make a difference to the lives of the child or client you are supporting.

It's hard work, it needs dedication, commitment, bags of common sense, empathy, patience and energy - and we think it's the best job in the world! Helping someone achieve their potential, whatever that may be, scores very high on the job satisfaction scales!


So, the steps to getting a great Snap Job are:

1. Really think about the type of job you want; what hours and days can you can work, which location is feasible, how long you can commit to a job for etc.

2. Take a look at our current jobs and if you see one that looks just right for you, just click 'apply'. 

3. Create or update your Snap profile - the more info you give us the better!

4. Upload your CV - no upload the best CV you can, this is your tool to sell yourself! Need some help to create a great CV? Download a CV template that will make it easy. Spending a bit of time now to get a great CV together is really worth it. 

5. Recruiters love to know you have really thought about the job you have applied for, so why not also send a supporting statement to show you really understand the job (and before being asked to!). Expand on your relevant skills and experience and explain why this job is the one for you - get the recruiter's attention straight away! We'll include your supporting statement when we send your details to the family or client, so again, it's worth spending some time getting it right. 

6. Call and speak to the recruiter working on this job. They know the job, family or client very well and will be able to give you lots more information.

7. If they feel you could be a great match for this job, the next step is to arrange an interview with Snap. We can do Skype interviews if you live outside London, but if it's possible, please do come in for an interview, we much prefer to meet you in person - and our clients prefer us too!

8. Prepare for your Snap interview. Yes, our interviews are informal and yes, of course we want you to feel welcome and comfortable, but it is an interview and your opportunity to show us why you are the best candidate for this job. Some background research on the job, area, client's disability or condition will be noted by our recruiters. As does turning up on time, prepared with the right documents...

9. If the recruiter feels you are suitable for the role, they will send your details to the client once we have all the documents and references we need. The quicker we get everything together for you the better, so please call your referees in advance, get on the Update Service and make sure you have given us all the required documents so there's no delay!

10. Your recruiter will present you in the best way they can to the client in the expectation we will be able to arrange an interview for you.

We have new jobs coming in all the time and we'll actively try and find great candidates jobs, so if that perfect job isn't there just yet, create a Snap profile and send your CV & let's see how we can help you!


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